Apr 192022

Gauthier, I. & Fiestan, G. Individual differences in the recognition of prepared food.

Chang, T.-Y., Cha, O., McGugin, R., Tomarken, A. & Gauthier, I. A general ability for ensemble perception.

Chow, J., Palmeri, T.J., & Gauthier, I. Haptic object recognition abilities correlate across feature types and with visual object recognition ability.

Sun, J. & Gauthier, I. The conceptual encoding benefit for faces could be due to costs for perceptual encoding.

Smithson, C. J. R., Eichbaum, Q. & Gauthier, I. Domain-general object recognition ability predicts supervised category learning on a medical.

Copies of posters available here

Apr 062022

Congratulation to Giselle Fiestan for completing the Honors program in Psychology with High Honors. The title of her thesis was “What’s That on My Plate? Individual Differences in Visual Recognition of Prepared Food”