Jan 312013

David Ross!!

After an intense final game, David came out as victor and now holds the title of OPL Chess Champion.

Congratulations David!

Jan 242013

David vs. William: David wins

Kaleb vs. Magen: Magen wins

Check back for the results of the final round that will determine the OPL Chess Champion!

Magen vs. David!

Jan 242013

There has been a delay in posting the results.
Instead of individual posts, this will recap the entire first round.

Group A

David vs. Magen: David wins

David vs. Isabel: David wins
(David moves on to round 2)

Isabel vs. Magen: Magen wins
(Magen moves on to round 2)

Group B

Kaleb vs. William: a draw,

Kaleb vs. Jackie: Kaleb wins

William vs. Jackie: William wins
(both Kaleb and William move on to round 2)

Nov 082012

David wins!

David now has won both games he is to play in round one. This means he is certain to move on to round 2!

Next up in group 1: Isabel vs. Magen

(The stakes are high! This will determine the second person to move on to round 2 from this group!)

Oct 042012

2012 OPL Chess Tournament begins Monday, October 8th!

First up –

Group A: David vs. Magen

Group B: William vs. Kaleb

Check back for results of the game!