Jun 082012

I am primarily interested in studying mid- and high-level visual perception, its neural bases, and its interaction with other cognitive processes.  My past research has investigated object recognitive and object memory in relation to surface color.  I am interested in studying how color and other object properties influence visual perception and cognition because of how these findings can help us understand the nature object perception more generally.  Future reserach will continue to investigate these processes for particular object classes including faces, places objects of action, and novel objects, and will evaluate the effect of perceptual expertise through both development and repeated experience as an adult.  My reserach is influenced by theoretical issues in philosophy of mind  and philosophy of perception, in particular the dissociation of phenomenal conscious visual experience and the neural mechanisms of visual perception.  I investigate these phenomenon using both behavioral and cognitive neuroscience techniques such as functional neuroimaging and by incorporating these findings into a broader theoretical framework.



Ana’s CV