Jul 232015

Many people are not aware of the option to submit replication articles at the Journal of Experimental Psychology:General. Here’s the list of replication papers recently published and in press.

Coming in the August 2015 issue

  • Generalization Versus Contextualization in Automatic Evaluation Revisited:A Meta-Analysis of Successful and Failed Replications.
    Bertram Gawronski, Xiaoqing Hu, Robert J. Rydell, Bram Vervliet, and Jan De Houwer
  • The Burden of Secrecy? No Effect on Hill Slant Estimation and Beanbag Throwing.
    Diane Pecher, Heleen van Mierlo, Rouwen Can ̃al-Bruland, and Rene ́ Zeelenberg
  • Do Subtle Reminders of Money Change People’s Political Views?
    Doug Rohrer, Harold Pashler, and Christine R. Harris
  • Money Priming Can Change People’s Thoughts, Feelings, Motivations, and Behaviors: An Update on 10 Years of Experiments
    Kathleen D. Vohs