May 212014

Gender effects for toy faces: quantitative differences in face processing strategies
Katlin Ryan and Isabel Gauthier

Does acquisition of holistic processing for novel objects depend on experience with diagnostic parts?
Kao-Wei Chua, Jenn Richler and Isabel Gauthier

Measurement of semantic knowledge of object categories: creating the Semantic  Vanderbilt Expertise Test (SVET)
Ana E. Van Gulick and Isabel Gauthier

Holistic processing of faces in the composite task depends on size.
David A. Ross and Isabel Gauthier

Modeling the Moderation of Experience in Face and Object Recognition
Panqu Wang, Benjamin Cipollini, Akinyinka Omigbodun, Isabel Gauthier, Gary Cottrell

“Greebling” on Harel, Kravitz & Baker (VSS2014)